Cheap Custom Shirt Buying Guide 2018

Cheap Custom Shirt Buying Guide

Cheap Custom Shirt Buying Guide 2018


T Shirt Season is coming and right around the corner. This year, 2018, will see so many great custom cheap shirts available. Manufacturers have not raised their prices over last year. Many Screen Printing Buyers will be looking for the cheapest custom shirt deals once the Springtime arrives. So we have put together the top 5 cheapest custom shirts that should get the job done perfectly. We set a list of specific criteria that each Brand had to meet in order to make the list in the top 5. One thing that is constant is that the shirts are all made from 100% Cotton and all are Pre-Shrunk. Blended shirts that are 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester are usually slightly more in price and are really a different breed of shirt. So we will do that Top 5 List in a few weeks also. For now it is the Top 5 Cheapest Custom Shirts out of 100% Cotton.

The following is the basis in how we judged the shirts, what they needed in order to make the list, and our opinion after Screen Printing 20+ Years:

Colors and Color Selection

Colors: This year will see a larger increase of Heather Colors being constructed for the screen printing industry. Heathers were a huge hit last year especially the darker heathers such as charcoal, dark gray and black heather’s. Our top tow picks therefor are heavy on the heathers. Gildan and Fruit of the Loom both have really dyed some fantastic and creative heather colors for this year. Gildan has Heathers in Military, Orchid, Red, Navy, Sapphire, Graphite and more. Fruit of the Loom has done Retro Heathers in Purple, Royal, Green, Pink, Turquoise, Navy and several other heather Colors. Both Companies have Dark Heathers in Black, Charcoal, and more. This will be a huge deal in custom screen printing shirts this year.

ADULT 70 53 15 22 18
YOUTH 49 49 12 15 11

Gildan – Heavy Cotton T-Shirt – 5000 Colors

Jerzees – HiDENSI-T Tee-Shirt – 363MR Colors

Fruit of the Loom – HD Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt – 3930R Colors

Hanes – ComfortSoft T-Shirt – 5280 Colors

Anvil – Midweight Short Sleeve Tee-Shirt – 780 Colors

Size Scale in Adult Sizes & Youth Sizes

Sizes: To make the list you needed lots of sizes. The sizes needed to be in both Adult and Youth in the same style. Screen Printing Customers we feel need the opportunity to order Both Size categories in the same colors at the same price. Many Screen Printers actually charge more for youth as the Distributors charge more. here at Cheap tees Screen Printing we charge the same price and allow customers to order them together. this in turn allows for larger price breaks by combining both the Adult and Youth sizes together in one order. So this one too was an important factor to make out top 5 list of Cheap custom Shirts.

How Well The Shirt Prints

Print-ability: The fabric along with the construction of the Shirts are so very important. We were looking for styles that are combed and smooth. Also Hi Density thread counts are very important now. More threads per square inch than ever before are being sewn into the shirts. This makes for sharper printing and finer details. The construction plays a large role too. Wider chest areas are available on Fruit of the loom and Jerzees. Gildan also has kept a Boxy style that makes for great printing. If the sleeves are set in too much or the body too narrow that will limit Print area and also make for skewing of the print while coming off the press.

Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton

Pre-Shrunk: Because we are dealing with 100% Cotton shirts they needed to all be pre-shrunk. This doesn’t mean that there will be no shrinking after washing, but it will help limit the shrinkage. Most manufacturers today if constructing 100% Cotton will pre-shrink their garments anyhow. We just needed to be sure with our list.

Fabric and Construction Durability

Durability: Durability comes from the material itself as well as the construction techniques in finishing the shirts. We looked for double stitching techniques and good hemming processes to make our list. Also shoulder to shoulder taping and quarter turning were very important to us. Shoulder to shoulder taping is the process where material is sewn in over the shoulder seams to create a nice finished, and seamless shoulder area. Quarter turning is when the T-Shirt tube is turned 25% around so that the seem is under the arms and not directly in the front or back of the shirt. This makes for smoother printing in this area. Printing over seems is just no good. Double needle stitching adds strength and keeps the sleeves, neck line and bottom hems flat and in place.

Final Price of Cheap Custom Shirt Purchasing

Price: This of course is the big one. And this is how 100% Cotton shirts made this list. All Cotton Shirts are being made less expensive than blended shirts are. So when looking for the very cheapest custom shirt it will need to be 100% Cotton. Our T-Shirts that made the list are all priced the same with the exception of Anvil. Anvil is about a dollar more per customized shirt. This is from the added Ring Spinning which creates a very unique and super soft fabric. Also the 24 Singles add greatly to the price. this is more of a premium shirt but with still such a cheap price and excellent construction it needs to be here.


Cheap Custom Shirt Prices


Brand    12-24 shirts       25-50 shirts        51-100 shirts      101-250 shirts       251-500 shirts         501 +  shirts        Over 1000 Shirts

Gildan        $10.00                $4.55                 $4.00                      $3.50                         $3.30                        $2.99                     Call

Jerzees      $10.00                $4.55                 $4.00                      $3.50                         $3.30                        $2.99                     Call

Hanes        $10.00                $4.55                  $4.00                     $3.50                         $3.30                         $2.99                    Call

Fruit            $10.00                $4.55                  $4.00                     $3.50                         $3.30                        $2.99                    Call

Anvil           $11.00                $5.55                  $5.00                     $4.50                         $4.30                         $3.99                    Call



Top 5 Cheap Custom Shirts Of 2018


#1 Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt – We chose the Gildan Heavy as our #1 Pick as it aces all the prerequisites that we have requested. Boasting 70 Colors in Adult and 49 Colors in Youth. It is made from 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton. Sizes range in Adult from Small to 5XL. Youth Sizes are from XS-XL. It has a looser fit than most coming from a larger sizing structure and body style. This allows for large printing on Youth as well as all Adult Sizes. Loaded with Heather colors and all the famous Gildan colors. Double Needle Stitching throughout with Taped Shoulders and Quarter Turned. This Cheap custom Shirt has it all going for it. Being slightly over sized it allows for shrinkage and perfect and comfortable fitting.


#2 Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton T-Shirt – This is a heavy favorite of ours too. it was definitely a close race with the Gildan Heavy Cotton Tee. The Fruit of the Loom 3930 which this one is went through a change last year. And it was all for the good. It is now 5.0 Oz from 5.4 Oz. but it now has more stitches per square inch than before. This makes for a lighter shirt but just as durable through more stitching now. The body has been trimmed and contoured for what they call a more youthful fit. It is less boxy and slightly fitted now. This is where we chose the Gildan though. Not everyone wants a fitted tee and although it is only fitted slightly there is a difference. Fruit of the Loom did something really cool though. It was able to create a fitted t shirt that has a large print surface though the sewing and assembling. So there is not loss there. We just happen to like a looser fitting, more all around style of t shirt. Everything else is virtually identical. Fruit of the Loom has 53 Adult colors and 49 youth colors. Huge size scale from Adult Small – Adult 6XL. The Youth Shirts range from Xs – Xl. Fantstic colors that are only available on this style. Loaded with Heathers and other Fruity Colors. Double Needle Stitching, Taped Shoulders and Quarter Turned. If you like a lighter weight and slightly fitted cheap custom shirt, go with this one!!


#3 Hanes ComforSoft T-Shirt – Our third place pick is one of the softest most comfortable shirts we have ever worn. The fabric weighs in at 5.2 Oz. and is pre-shrunk. It seems to fit a bit snug so it may be best to go one size up on this selection. This may be because of the process that gets this to the super soft point in the fabric. If you need a basic color custom shirt this may be your choice. The colors are very very deep and rich looking. Dyed like a more premium shirt these are really nice looking. And Hanes lets you know it too. The colors that are really deep are named Deep Red, Deep Forest, Deep Navy, Deep Royal, etc.. The cotton is also heavily combed creating a very smooth, and easy surface to print on. This is very important on such a heavily pre-washed and soft garment. The sizes range from Adult Sm. – Adult 4xl. Youth shirts are Xs. – Xl. Made with a Lay Flat Collar, Taped Shoulders, Double Stitching and a Tag Free Neck Line.


#4 Jerzees – HiDENSI T T-Shirt – Pretty much a clone of the Fruit of the loom HD Cotton T Shirt.  Made under the Jerzees label it has the same HD Fabric and 5.0 OZ. Material weight as the Fruit of the Loom does. It has 15 Adult Colors and 12 youth Colors. Great Inventory will make this the go to cheap custom shirt when the Spring Time Screen Printing Season arrives. Look to fill in with this style if other brands fall short in inventory. Pricing is extremely cheap on such a well built shirt.


#5 Anvil – Midweight T-Shirt – This is a fantastic, extremely well built t shirt. Its weight is perfect at 5.4 Oz and it is Ringspun and Soft. Really unique shades of basic colors. Made from 24 Singles means that the thread has a larger diameter giving this cheap custom shirt its heavy weight fabric. It wears and looks very nice and we are fans of heavier weight shirts when it comes to custom screen printing on them. It has double needle stitching, shoulder to shoulder taping, and a seven-eighths inch seamless ribbed collar. This shirt borders on being a premium t shirt but has a price point that is cheap enough to make our list. Perfect alternative if you want a really well built, heavier cheap custom shirt.

About cheaptees

Allen and Lois Warren are the owners and working proprietors of Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company . We are an online screen printing company specializing in printing t shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and other customized apparels. Our website offers the capabilities for our customers to design the apparel of their choice in our modern design studio. The focus of Cheap Tees is to supply cheap custom made apparel to customers who value price, quality, and service. Our prices are scaled very close to wholesale to the public so that organizations, companies, and individuals can all obtain a quality product at extremely competitive pricing. We are a no nonsense company who offers all inclusive pricing. Free shipping, set-ups, screens, and custom artwork are only a few complimentary services we offer. By keeping our pricing simple and always updating our website we offer our customers a very pleasurable and unique shopping experience.

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