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Cheap Custom Shirts
Who we are and what we do is defined by this website and everything in it. Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing we offer cheap custom shirts and more specifically we print custom t shirts. Each product that a customer finds on our website has been chosen very carefully for us to offer as a customized garment. There are many different variables that we go through before making a decision on which garment goes onto the website. Above all there must be a high degree of value from the blank garment and it must be very receptive to screen printing. We use only the finest inks and supplies so that our customers can feel confidant that their custom made screen printing will last as long as the t-shirt it self does. We strive to offer the very best cheap custom shirt prices by having all inclusive pricing as well as free shipping.

T-Shirt Shops Near Me

Lots of folks use the search term t shirt shops near me when looking for a local screen printing company. Well this is no longer necessary as we here a Cheap Tees Screen Printing make it our mission to be your local screen printing company on the web. We treat all customers as if we are neighbors. We are always there to answer the phone or your emails. We know many of our customers by first name, and have made imprinted t-shirts for them for over 15 years. There is nothing nicer than being on a first name basis and having the true trust from your customers. Our Motto has always been “Always the Cheapest-Always the Best”. And we take this very serious and it shows through all the repeat customers that we have acquired over the last almost 20 years online.

We never charge for shipping, artwork, or screens. We will even take customers artwork that needs some tweaking and do it at no charge. So even though you may not be walking in our door you can consider us still as your nearby tee shirt printer. And because we are able to keep our overhead down to a minimum, our imprinted t-shirts are some of the cheapest custom tees on the internet. We are located in a really cool turn of the 18th Century huge factory building. On the third floor we do not get many walk ins but our phone rings all day long. This is the new America and the way successful business is done these days.

Custom Polo Shirt Printing

Besides being a Custom Shirt Printer we also screen print many other items. The second most requested item we do is polo shirt printing. Many customers like to order a smaller batch of customized polo shirts along with their custom shirts. These are really great logo t-shirts but only with a collar. Perfect alternative to having a more formal shirt when out doing business or giving quotes in the field. Restaurants like to use polo shirts for the front of the house staff and t shirts for the back of the house. And the best way to locate the forum on the job is the one in a collar or custom polo shirt.The material is basically the same with a collar sewn into the body of material. Also a three or four button placket is on the front of the shirt. Like t shirt printing this is another way of advertising but also a way of putting your best foot forward and looking professional.  Company logos printed on polo shirts always look very sharp. Many customers will print a front left chest logo on their polo shirts and keep the backs plain. And others will also print the back too. It really is all about how and where your custom polo shirts will be worn. It is one of many specialty t shirts that we carry.

What kind of Cheap Custom Tee Shirts Do You Need

When trying to find a printer for imprinted t shirts by searching online, one needs to think about exactly what they really want. Are you looking for high quality custom logo t shirts with no worries about price? Are you trying to buy cheap custom t shirts bulk? Are they Custom Promo Shirts and you need cheap screen printing? These are a few things to think about when starting out. One really important item is weather or not your logo or artwork is already prepared. When choosing a t shirt printing business you may need online design studio functions. And here is where it can get tricky. While a lot of shops today offer a shirt designer not all are very good. Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing we offer one of the very best design studios that can be found. A customer can design the t shart from scratch with no problems at all. We have a text feature that has almost any style of font one would need. Along with the fonts the text can be arched, outlined, shadowed, curved, and many other distortion effects. Design Templates are a great way to get started off in the designing process. With hundreds of pre-made professional templates one only needs to change the text and clip art and all the effects stay the same. Or just do a search for your desired artwork in the studio and you will find a huge choice of professional t-shirt clip art that is available. All these features are free of charge.

If your needs are more about price than it is a good idea to keep your artwork on the more simpler side with only one color in your design. As you add colors and print sides to your imprinted t shirts the price goes up. Along with printing another thing to think about is the color of the garment. When looking for cheap screen printing printing choosing a white t shirt is cheaper than printing on color tees. And the more you buy the cheaper the price will be. So on each page we offer a scale that shows the price break and how much a customer can save by going up one tier.


Choosing the T-Shirt

To make it easy we have categorized our t shirts by style and price. If you are looking for the best possible price than choosing a mid weight custom t shirt is the way to go. There is nothing cheap about the quality here at all. Each one has its own special niche. Weather you are looking for a HD T-Shirt, 50-50 Blend, or tag less, they are all here. The prices are all the same except on our House Tee. We offer the Fruit of the Loom HD about 50 cents cheaper than any other t shirt. Customers will find that each one of these items also have their own color line ups making them all unique.

The next category is the Heavy weight Tees. Here you can find some of the big hitters in the screen printing industry. Names like Hanes Beefy Tee, Gildan G2000, Bay Side, and a few others. These are about a buck or two more but worth every cent. Heavy and made to last these have been around a long time in the custom t shirt industry. Any good t shirt printer will tell ya that if quality is what you are after, than these are perfect logo t shirts!!

After this is the new comers on the block. Soft Style Tees are here and here to stay. They are super soft, lighter in weight, sewn really tight and feel good. They are super print receptive and at price points that rival any other of cheap custom t shirt, they are gaining in popularity. Colors are really cool on these as the garment manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the color palettes. Considered to be semi fitted they look as good as they feel.

Custom Pocket Tees and Custom Tank Tops are the specialty t shirts that we offer. The beloved pocket t shirt is the working mans go to custom shirt. Leaving home without the pocket tee is dreaded by many. We offer three major brands all with a 5 point pocket. Made to hold the days necessities while out on the job. Custom printed Pocket Tees can have a logo on or above the pocket. Some folks will only use a text logo and print just above the pocket. This looks easy to read and is nice and clean. Other opt to put a more round or square logo on the pocket. They Pocket T-Shirt Design is really what dictates where the logo placement will be on the custom made pocket t shirts.

Tank Tops are the summer fun tops. We know that the t-shirt printer is busy once tank tops are in season. We all know that summer has arrived when we can see all the people bee bopping down the street in their customized tank tops. They have a wide low scoop neck which allows for cool air to swoop in. Straps hold the tank tops up and they can be printed on both the front and backs. Kinda like screen printing hoodies they too can be ordered in lesser quantities and can go into the t shirt printing batch.



Custom Made Jersey Shirts

Raglan Team Custom Jersey Shirts are a real inexpensive way for Teams to put together Uniform’s. As a T-Shirt Printer we love printing Raglans for Teams. They have different Body Colors from the Sleeves. This makes for contrasting name and numbers a breeze. We offer a full line of Sport Logos with classic Baseball Tails, Soccer Designs, and much more. We offer custom jersey shirts in three sleeve lengths. There is a short sleeve, Three Quarter Sleeve, and a Full Length Long Sleeve. These a general Purpose jerseys that can also be worn under Classic Baseball Shirts during cool whether. Raglans are made from a moisture wicking 50-50 as well as a 100% Cotton.

As a T-Shirt Printer we offer as much information as possible on our website so that our customers can make as good a decision as of they were with us in person. And if the website itself does not get everything answered than we are always a phone call away. With over 20 years as a tee shirt printer we have faced just about everything possible. It is with experience that we can deliver with confidence some of the very best imprinted shirts anywhere. Besides printing on t-shirts and Polo Shirts we offer custom jersey shirts at really cheap prices. Using Raglan Shirts a team can put together really nice looking and sportier Team Custom Jersey Shirts. Add names and numbers on the back of a two tone Raglan and every team is now ready to play ball.

Names and numbers and be easily added on to any of our custom made Jersey Shirts. Our Design lab offers a specific form on each order where a name and number can be matched up with the players shirt size. The shirt customizer offers College and Athletic block fonts as well as true type fonts. Customers can match their ink colors to the names and numbers or contrast them with different colors. With the color Raglan Sleeves and Printing Colors so really special Sport Team Shirts can be created at very affordable screen printing prices.

T-Shirt Screen Printer


We can Full fill orders from as small as 12 shirts to as many as 10000 a day. We have two automatic t-shirt screen printer machines as well as 2 manual t shirt screen printer machines. Each one is available for printing on t-shirts and other garments. When screen printing on pocket t shirts we use a manual press with special attachments that make printing pockets possible. The pocket slides real nice into a paddle like device so that the screen comes right down a top of the pocket itself. We also can print sleeves for customers who like that service. Although our website does not explicitly say we offer sleeve printing, we will always do so just by the asking. Our large t shirt screen printing machines are used for jobs that are over 50 shirts. These operate at very high speeds and are capable of printing 400 shirts per hour. This is how we are capable of cheap screen printing t shirts. With equipment made for each different job we can do a t shirt imprint on many different styles of t shirts. That is why it is so important to have an experienced shirt printer at each station. We keep our production running so that we can offer cheap screen printing t shirts and have a constant inventories of shirts for printing.

Cheap Business Shirts

Cheap Screen Printing on t shirts or polo shirt printing are some of the most affordable and cheap business shirts. Consider putting your brand and logo on the front of your shirts as well as all your company information on the backs. Use a tag line with your logo and Town Name. Putting too much information on the backs of your custom shirts is not always good. Good clean artwork and proper text can go a lot further than too much information can. Polo shirts also are great for a cheap business shirt. They look professional and come in a variety of different fabrics. Moisture management and 50-50 blended sport shirts are really the way to go. They require little or no upkeep. They do not wrinkle, many come with stain resistance, and they look really good all day long. Here you have branding, advertising, and a uniform all rolled into one good and cheap business shirts.

Hoodie Printing

Besides being a t shirt printer we also offer hoodie printing. Nothing goes as good as a hoodie with a batch of freshly printed custom tees. Customers can add in as many or few as they like to go into their order of custom made cheap tees. Using the same logo, colors, and everything else insures the best prices and keeps your order in tact. We offer a pretty extensive selection of custom made hoodies in all weight classes. Mid weight to the Super Heavy 12.5 Oz. Ones. Most of our custom hoodies are made from 50% Cotton and 50% polyester. That is the norm as far as Hoodies go. Perfect for all seasons and can be imprinted nicely. Wear a custom hoodie at night in the summer when it gets cool or as a Pull Over in the Colder Temps. Nothing is more comfortable on game day than your custom imprinted hoodie is.

Custom T-Shirt Shops Online

Order Custom T-Shirts on line is not only a great way to save money but the convenience is second to none. No more having to run down to the screen printer, get a parking spot, fight the traffic, and basically waste your day. Now you can order your custom made tees anytime of the day or night. And best of all at your convenience. No more graphic designers needed either. And for the screen printing company they can offer better prices by not having to have high priced rents for their shops. All that savings get passed on down to the customer ordering their custom t shirts online. Paypal or Credit cards are all accepted and that too is even better now. So get out of line, go home, and order your cheap custom shirts right there in your easy chair.






About cheaptees

Allen and Lois Warren are the owners and working proprietors of Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company . We are an online screen printing company specializing in printing t shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and other customized apparels. Our website offers the capabilities for our customers to design the apparel of their choice in our modern design studio. The focus of Cheap Tees is to supply cheap custom made apparel to customers who value price, quality, and service. Our prices are scaled very close to wholesale to the public so that organizations, companies, and individuals can all obtain a quality product at extremely competitive pricing. We are a no nonsense company who offers all inclusive pricing. Free shipping, set-ups, screens, and custom artwork are only a few complimentary services we offer. By keeping our pricing simple and always updating our website we offer our customers a very pleasurable and unique shopping experience.

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