Cheap Custom T-Shirt Printing on Hanes Comfortsoft Tees

Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts Cheap

Cheap T-Shirt Printing on Hanes Comfortsoft Tees

Here you will discover a really fine t shirt that is absolutely perfect for cheap screen printing solutions. Available in both youth and adult colors that are rich and very deep. Hanes has perfected a way to keep the collar, sleeves, and bottom hems to stay perfectly shaped wash after wash. There is a great deal of value in this really nice cheap custom t-shirt. Produced for screen printing industries and priced for the promo market. Besides the really soft comfortable feel you are getting the Lay-flat technologies only by Hanes. This is one feature that cannot be overlooked when choosing a 100% cotton t shirt. Customers who use the Hanes Compfortsoft T-Shirt for screen printing will find that the price is very cheap and the quality is exceptionally high. Priced as one of our cheapest custom t-shirts, you cannot go wrong with the brand and style.


Custom Screen Printing Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts

With over 20 of the deepest and most vibrant t shirt colors made today, customers will only find such colors on more expensive styles. With names like Deep Royal, Deep Forest, Deep Navy and Deep Red, you know the colors are super deep. Woven from a 5.2 Oz. High Density Weave. Lay-Flat Hanes Technolopgies will keep you custom t-shirt fitting and looking great wash after wash. Tagless as all Hanes now are means no Itchy backs here. Our prices do not reflect just how nice of a t shirt that this really is. We offer really large price breaks and this style is available to be ordered as one using Adults and Youth sizes together. Custom Hanes 5280 T-Shirts Cheap

How To: Order Cheap T-Shirt Printing

Buy Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts in Bulk

50 custom tee shirts are where customers will find the best and cheapest t shirt prices. Largest discounts are usually recognized at this mark. The quickest and easiest way to get the very cheapest screen printing prices is to order at least 50 customized tee shirts. So when getting your cheap screen printing quotes be sure to order at least 50 or 51 custom t-shirts. And these discounts can be very large.

Purchase White Hanes Comfortsoft Tees:

Order all white t-shirts especially when they are being used for events or promotions that are only one day long. When ever possible try and order all white tees. You will save a great deal of money and get the cheapest custom t-shirt cost available. Not only are white t shirt blanks less costly they are also cheaper to print. White t shirts also have a much softer feel to them as they are only printed once. The ink on white t shirts is thinner as there is no reason for thicker, more opaque inks. All this makes white t shirts cheaper, softer, cooler in the summer heat, soft hand print, and graphics really pop off white tees.

Single Side Screen Printing On Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts

 EachCheap Screen Printing Hanes 5280 T-Shirts time you print more than just one imprint location you are no longer getting the very cheapest custom t-shirt cost available. Consider just printing a full front or back alternatively.Instead of screen printing a left chest logo and full back print, print just big on one side. by doing a larger one sided print you can save a good deal of your budget. And if you can layout your print using creativity you will have no issue getting your advertisement or message on the t-shirt. A full print looks great with the logo on top followed by a tag line or two, address, website and if you really want a phone # too.

Single Color Cheap Screen Printing on Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts

A single color imprint incurs no additional charges. If you decide on screen printing more than one color there is a 75 cent per color per shirt charge. If it is really cheap screen printing you are after than avoid the extra ink charges. By being creative with your design you can create images that look just as good as multi color ones do. Knock outs, shadows, and outlines can be used with only a single color ink. This in return can give the effect of two ink colors by actually using the shirt like an additional color. So sharpen up those design skills and use our shirt designer to practice on and create one color, really cool looking designs.

Screen Printing Larger Sizes on Comfortsoft T-Shirts

 Try and keep the XXL and Larger sizes to a limit. Always decide on ordering Pre-Shrunk shirts instead of ordering one size too large for shrinkage. XXl’s can cost as much as two dollars more per shirt for every x in the size. And of course there are definitely going to be larger sizes needed for your custom t shirts but it is a good idea to order as few as possible. Don’t get caught up in allowing others to tell you their sizes if this can be avoided. many will say one or two sizes too big and this will cost you. Watch the sizes as the big ones can actually cost you up to 5 dollars more for the XXXXl’s. And that is more than the whole shirt cost completely delivered.

Order Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts with all Inclusive Pricing

Our prices are always all inclusive. here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing our customers will never find a price that is not the actual or final price. Many companies try and sneak in just about every possible up price that can think of. Other website charge for screens, set ups, flashing, shipping, proofs, ink changes, etc. etc. Here the only charge we ever ask for in addition to our prices is a color change. And that is a very nominal fee. If you are printing t shirts and want to change shirt colors and the ink color will not work on the new shirt color, than you need an ink change. By changing inks we need to clean out the ink color you were using and put into the screens a new color. This can also be called a wash out. It is messy and very time consuming but a necessary part of the job. We do it with a smile and only charge $7.50 to do this. Many other companies charge as much as $20.00 or more for the same service.

Order Hanes Comfortsoft Tees in Adult and Youth Sizes

A good Screen Printing business will offer the exact same brand tee shirt in both Youth and Adults together.And that is exactly what we do here at Cheap Tees. We combine the Youth and Adult sizes together so our customers can obtain the cheapest custom t shirt pricing in bulk. Instead of ordering the sizes like they are two separate orders like most other companies do. With 50 custom t shirts the mark for hitting the largest price breaks, ordering the sizes together will help customers get there easier.

Design Hanes Comfortsoft T-Shirts in Design Lab

 Long gone are the days of hiring graphic designers for tee shirt logos. On-Line Silk Screening Companies now offer design studios for their customers to create their own graphics. This has so many advantages I could write and entire article just on this. When you develop your own t shirts online you can rest assured you will have created exactly the right type of art for the screen printing process. And on top of that you will be getting the exact screen print that you want also. There are professional design templates as well as Clip Art for any occasion imaginable. The much developed software has made it so user friendly today. Just about anyone can create custom t shirt graphics just as good as any paid designer would be able to. Absolutely no experience needed. This is by far one of our best styles for cheap t-shirt printing.

About cheaptees

Allen and Lois Warren are the owners and working proprietors of Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company . We are an online screen printing company specializing in printing t shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and other customized apparels. Our website offers the capabilities for our customers to design the apparel of their choice in our modern design studio. The focus of Cheap Tees is to supply cheap custom made apparel to customers who value price, quality, and service. Our prices are scaled very close to wholesale to the public so that organizations, companies, and individuals can all obtain a quality product at extremely competitive pricing. We are a no nonsense company who offers all inclusive pricing. Free shipping, set-ups, screens, and custom artwork are only a few complimentary services we offer. By keeping our pricing simple and always updating our website we offer our customers a very pleasurable and unique shopping experience.

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