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Creating  tshirts cheap with the right tools and prices is exactly what we offer here at We offer the best prices on custom apparel for novice designers, people with extensive experience creating and designing shirts, and everyone in between. Our easy-to-use design tools can quickly turn your original idea or artwork, your company logo, or your team name into a design that will get noticed in the biggest of crowds.

Design Ideas for creating custom T-Shirts

Whether you are looking for creating inexpensive screen printing on a regular basis, or you’re new to the game, it is important to keep in mind some basic design tips whenever you are creating something that you want to have printed on a shirt.
Use images, photos, or text that are clean and clear, with good contrast so people can see and understand the shirt from at least 15-20 feet away.
Choose a complimentary background color that matches the design and has good contrast that allows it to stand out.
Test out your design on several different shirt  colors before choosing one to ensure you get the best possible contrast and the look you are shooting for.
Don’t create designs that are too detailed, and make sure that you have dimensions that are large enough for your design to be seen. Test out the design by printing it ourt on a piece of paper and holding it up before submitting it for your order.
Be creative with where you place your image, and consider places like the sleeves, the back, or the sides of the shirt.

Getting a Great Price

There are many things that can influence the price of your shirt, and it’s important to know these things so you can get the best price on your order. Finding a low cost shirt as the basis for your design is the first thing you can do to keep costs down, and fortunately has some of the lowest price points available to help you get a great price. The color of the shirt and quantity ordered also play a role, as well as how many colors are in your design. Ordering more standard sizes (small to XL) can also help keep costs low.

A custom design for your next tshirt is waiting. Whether you need shirts for yourself, your company, your team, or to sell to others, start designing now and create tshirts cheap on-line with our easy tools.


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