Who We Are

Cheap Tees Screen Printing is an Online Custom Shop specializing in Custom T-Shirts, Polo’s, Hoodies, and more. We were one of the very first Online Companies that offered a complete ordering system for Online Screen Printing. Our Company Motto is Always the Cheapest, Always the Best. We ship free of charge FOB West Springfield MA.. In order for us to keep our cost down Customers will never see a Screen, Set-Up, Art, or Shipping Charge. The price you see is the price you pay. NO FURTHER UP CHARGES!!!


We offer a very easy to use, yet extremely advanced design system. Anyone can design like a pro in our T-Shirt Design Studio. There customers will find a vast selection of tools to create a simple to complicated designs. All designing and artwork takes place on the actual shirt and shirt color that you choose.

Product Choices

Products– From within the website itself you will be selecting the shirt style and color of your choice. From there you will enter the design studio to complete your artwork on the chosen shirt. However you can still change the shirt color and even the styles from within the studio.

Product Colors– All the colors of the style you choose are all there in the designer. You can toggle between all the colors of shirts until you find the perfect one. Some brands have a huge selection of colors with different shades. Say If you are looking for Yellow as an example. One style may have several different shades of Yellow. So have fun and flip between all the different shades until you hit it just right!!

Product Sides– Customers can design on one side, front or back, or both sides. The choice is yours. Just flip the shirt around and place or design on the actual side of the garment that you so choose. We have created grids that represent each location that you choose to print in. Here customers will find Full Front, Full Back, Left Chest, Right Chest, and on or above Pockets.

Adding Art to your Garments

Uploading Images– If you have your own graphic already made you can upload load it right onto your shirt. From there you can change its colors, modify it, and even add to it. Just be sure to have the very best quality as you can. The higher the resolution the cleaner the printing. But of course if the resolution is too low we will fix it or contact you. We will never print anything that we would not deem high quality.

Adding Art– We offer thousands of stand alone professional t shirt art pieces. They are all categorized and free to use. You can add as many as you like to your designs. Change the color and size of each Clip Art Pieces as you like.

Design Templates–  Besides the Clip Art we also have a library of Design Templates. These are all done as finished designs ready to modify as you like. You can change the text to your very own sayings, and even add art to the templates too. They are there to Jump Start you in your designing endeavors. Get some great ideas too from the Design Ideas Categories.

Creating Text

Text Tool– Applying text has never been easier. Just type in what you want, apply any type of distortion, Make an Outline or Shadow, and move in place. It is that simple. Distortions available are Curving, Arching, Enveloping, and many, many more…

Fonts– There all here…Categorized by Parent Style and than Child Style. Get the exact look by choosing any font you like. The really cool thing is that you are designing in real life time and will be previewing as many different Font styles as you like.

Ink Colors– Our Ink colors that we print with are displayed in the designer. You will be creating your graphics and text with the RGB Value of our Inks. Please remember that every monitor displays slightly different. Although we do our very best to create exact colors, there is always a slight difference depending on your equipment.


Saving Your Design– Once you are satisfied with your design and chosen style and color of garment, just save it!! From there you can do many things. Continue on and choose your sizes and place your order. Save it for a later date to continue your designing. Save it for a later date to order it when you are ready. Save it and share it with friends, family, or partners. Its there forever…

Price Quotes

Quoting Tool– Once your design is completed you will be able to get your exact price per shirt. There are many variables that go into quoting custom screen printed apparel. Here is what makes the price what it is..

The Garment Itself– Every style has a base price. This is based on the weight, color, and quality of the garment itself. We try to make it as easy as we can be categorizing the shirts. Customers will find such categories as Value Tees, Premium Tees, Long Sleeve Tees, Pocket Tees, Tank Tops, Soft Style Tees, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts. White is always a $1.25 Less than a color shirt.

Number of Sides Printed– Our price includes a one color, one print location. Free Screens, Set-Ups, Art, and Shipping. An additional print location cost $1.25 more for the 1st color.

Number of Colors in the Design– The first color is always free. From there each additional color is .75 Cents each per print.

Sizes– All sizes cost the same with the exception of Larger Sizes. Larger sizes are XXL and Up. XXL is $2.00 More. Than each X from there is only One Dollar more. This will be included on the price.

Amount of Shirts Ordered– This is the big one. We offer a very low minimum of shirts and some of the cheapest prices anywhere in the United States. The more you buy, the more you save. We have the price breaks displayed prominently on each page. The breaks are at 12-20-50-100-250-500 and over 1000. Shirts get really cheap at the 20 and 50 Price Breaks. At those two customers will see very significant price savings.

Finalizing Your Order

Check Out– Once ready to order just follow the on screen instructions. You will see you final cost of the entire order. We accept any and all forms of regular Payments. We process using Paypal Terminals. Even if you do not have a Paypal account that is fine. We accept every other kind of Credit Card there is, only they are processed through our Paypal Account. This is the very safest and best shopping cart Merchant in the world today.

Proofs– After you have completed your order you will see a proof in your email box generally within 2-3 working days or less. We take time to go over each and every order to be sure that the art is Perfect. We than send you a proof just to be sure you are getting exactly what you want. At this time if you see any changes that need to be made, just let us know. Our customer service staff we do as many changes as necessary until you are completely satisfied with the entire order.

Reorders– So easy it is just a phone call or email away. All artwork and films are saved for 3 years. After 3 years only the art is saved. To Reorder you can even pull up your original order online using your account name and password. Than just choose you sizes and amounts again and done. Its just that Easy.

Rush Printing

We do offer rush printing at a nominal fee. This is for the Printing and Not the shipping. We completely understand about events and timing. If there is ever an occasion that you may find yourself short of time, just call. We can and will make it happen. Leave the stress on us…Rush printing will get your shirts proofed,printed, and shipped in 4 days. That does not include transit time from our location. We will figure that out at the time of the order.




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