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Cheap Custom Shirt Printing Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton T Shirts


Fruit of the Loom-Hi Density Cotton Shirts - 3930R

  • Fabric: Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton Jersey Fabric
  • Weight: 5.0 Oz HD Cotton
  • Sizes: Youth S.M.L. Adult S.M.L.X.2XL.3XL.4XL.5XL.6XL

As Low as $4.24

55 Colors to Choose From



  • High-Density Fabric for Perfect Printing Surface
  • Tear Away Labels
  • Seamless Collar Ribbed that is Dual Cover Stitched along with all Hems and Sleeves

Cheap Custom Printed Jerzees 50-50 Dri-Power Active


Jerzees 50-50 Dri-Power Active Shirts - 29MR

  • Fabric: Pre-Shrunk 50/50 Cotton and Polyester
  • Weight: 5.6 Oz Blended Fabric
  • Sizes: Youth S.M.L. Adult S.M.L.X.2XL.3XL.4XL.5XL

As Low as $4.24

48 Colors to Choose From



  • Moisture Management W/ Outstanding Wicking Properties
  • Tear Away Sizing Labels
  • 1X1 Ribbed Collar with Two Needle Cover Stitching for added Durability
  • Quarter Turned to Eliminate the Center Creasing

Customize Shirts Online Cheap Using Gildan Heavy Cotton Shirts


Gildan Heavy Cotton Shirts - G5000

  • Fabric: Pre-Shrunk 100% Premium Cotton
  • Weight: 5.3 Oz Jersey Knit
  • Sizes: Youth S.M.L. Adult S.M.L.X.2XL.3XL.4XL.5XL

As Low as $4.24

70 Colors to Choose From



  • Premium Pre-Shrunk Cotton
  • Rip Out Labeling
  • Seamless Two Needle Sewing on Sleeves and Bottom Hems
  • 1-4 Turned to Eliminate all Center Creasing's
  • Taped Shoulder to Shoulder

Make Custom Shirts Cheap With Hanes ComfortSoft Shirts


Hanes ComfortSoft Cotton Shirts - 5280

  • Fabric: 100% ComfortSoft Cotton
  • Weight: 5.2 Oz Combed Cotton
  • Sizes: Youth S.M.L. Adult S.M.L.X.2XL.3XL.4XL.

As Low as $4.24

70 Colors to Choose From



  • Combed and Ring Spun Cotton
  • Tearaway Labels
  • Layflat Technology
  • Taping from Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Twice Sewn across Collar, Armholes, and Sleeves

Cheap Screen Printing Jerzees HiDensi-T T-Shirts


Jerzees HiDensi-T T-Shirts-363MR

  • Fabric: 100% High Density Cotton
  • Weight: 5.0 Cotton
  • Sizes: Youth S.M.L. Adult S.M.L.X.2XL.3XL.4XL.5XL

As Low as $4.24

70 Colors to Choose From



  • 5 Oz Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton
  • Tearaway Labels
  • Vivid Printing Capabilities on Tightly Knit Fabric
  • Taping Runs Shoulder to Shoulder
  • 1X1 Ribbed and Seamless Collar

Cheap Custom Shirts Deliver Your Message Over and Over

There is no better or cost efficient way of Advertising than using custom t shirts. The possibilities are virtually endless once you get down to business and decide just how to take advantage of this awesome media. Prices are as cheap as ever thanks to Technology, the use of the Internet, Shirt Prices and other factors. Turnaround times have become twice as fast as in the past. long ago one could expect to pay twice as much and wait two or three time longer for a batch of custom t shirts. Here at it is our mission statement to deliver the very best, cheapest, and well make cheap custom shirts on the planet. Turnaround times vary based on the seasons but we try to go as fast as possible without sacrificing one bit of quality. We use only the very best Screen Printing Inks, Equipment, and Garments. And although we should be charging much more for our services it gives us great satisfaction to deliver to our new as well as Long time customers Custom Shirts as Cheap as we Can.

Cheap Custom T Shirt Possibilities:

We keep our minimum order to only 12 shirts. And because we use only real screen printing techniques that is considered a very low minimum order. We do it so that everyone can enjoy our services whether they are a small business, having a birthday party, Family Outing, or other occasions that just does not require large amounts of Customized Shirts. On the flip side of that we offer substantial discounts to larger groups or businesses who can order 50 or more shirts. Reason being is real screen printing takes so much time making screens, Setting up the Screen Printing Press, Printing, Boxing, Shipping, and Cleaning up. So in order to get the very cheapest custom shirts, the more you buy, the cheaper the shirts will get.

Customize Shirts Cheap for Business: This is our Forte'. We specialize in screen printing custom made shirts cheap for small as well as Big Businesses alike. Custom Imprinted T Shirts can really professionalize your business with all your employees wearing the same shirt displaying your Company Logo Proudly Screen Printed on the shirts.. It also brings together team unity with everyone feeling like an equal and integral part of the business. It benefits the business owner for advertising as well as doing away with improper dress codes. From experience I can tell you that employees really do love getting Company Shirts. The big things is that they no longer need to think about what to wear. Everyone is happy.

Reward Valued Customers with Personalized T-Shirts: As a way of saying Thank You, give your customers a Company Shirt all printed up with your advertising. Everyone loves a printed graphic t shirt, especially when it is free. And your customers are no different. By handing out your customized t-shirts, you the business owner, gets free advertising as well as a very very happy customer. Plan accordingly when designing your shirts. Give a good incentive to have your customers wear your shirts by creating a great custom design. You want to create a really appealing design that customers will love to wear.  The more they wear your shirt, the more free advertising you get. A walking billboard is only a click away.

Cheap Custom Safety Shirts: There is also the safety factor that now plays into it more and more than ever. Safety color custom shirts keep your team safe and noticed in and out of your business and shop. Getting noticed is a good think anyhow. Another reason to keep the team in your custom business shirts. Neon and Safety Colors look great and keep your employees safe. It's also a good neighbor thing for construction and Landscapers. With employees walking through others properties you want them to be noticed. Identifying that they are on the job will be much appreciated. And there again more advertising.

There is so much more but think about how long when you buy a cheap custom imprinted t shirt it will be around compared to other media. there is just no competition. Our Screen Printing will last just as long as the shirt will and if taken care of this is many years down the road of free advertising for your business.

Selling Cheap Custom Screen Printed Shirts: Business such as Gyms, Restaurants and Bars, Yoga Studio's, Hotels, Resort Area Businesses, and more can all sell your customized shirts for a profit too. People love memorabilia and what better thing than a customized t shirt. At our prices points any customer who can purchase at least 20 shirts will be able to profit, and a good profit, from reselling their customized shirts. Now you get that advertising all the while you just got paid for it. WOW nothing like a cheap custom shirt all printed up and ready to go to work for ya.

Low Cost Custom Shirts for Sport Teams: All of the shirts especially the 50-50 Jerzees Dri-Power's can be used as a team shirt. Not everyone is serious or wants to dish out big bucks for a team jersey. Dart Leagues, Volleyball, Kickball, Softball, Basketball and on and on. We can add Names and numbers to the backs of the shirts and now there is no reason to forgo those custom team jersey's. And you can do this on a budget too.

Cheap Band Shirts: This is one of the very most popular groups when we are talking about cheap custom shirts. Bands can get their names out there by creating really cool custom t shirts and than reselling them at their shows. Everyone loves a really well design band shirt. It becomes a center piece of discussion when being worn out and about. You just can't have a complete gig without your table of band shirts being displayed at your shows.

Cheap Custom Fundraising Shirts: This subject has so many possibilities that we can go on forever. Awareness walks are one of the most important aspects of raising either money or just bringing awareness to the forefront for discussion. Teams walking in these events have to have their colors and slogans. Purple for Alzheimer's, Pink for Breast Cancer, and on and on. Than when trying to raise money for something or someone this is one of the cheapest and best ways to do so. Your message will not go unnoticed, I promise you. You can even sell the shirts and donate the money back to the group or foundation that you are representing. So using cheap custom printed t shirts work in all different ways when it comes to Social Events about awareness or Funding.

Design Custom School Shirts: This is one of our favorites. Graduating or just saying Hey I am in Miss Martha's Kindergarten class. They are fun and can be even designed by the class. At the end of the year it has become a tradition for Younger Classes to sign a Paper with their Signatures and have that screen printed for posterity. A really important one is Class Field Trips. The chaperone's have so much going on watching their bunch that a custom screen printed shirt can make this all that more easier. Put each group in their own Bright Colored Custom Made Shirts for the event. This even makes it easier for the Youths to find their other classmates in case they get lost or separated. This is so very important. Think of a roll of lifesavers and use those shirt colors. The kids will also cherish their shirts once the even is done too. As a way of commemorating the event, put the event along with the class and school on the customized school shirts.

Buy Cheap Custom Shirts for Screen Printing

Cheap Custom Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton Shirts

Made from 100% High Density Cotton. Woven with a tighter stitch than ever before. Customers will find more stitches per square inch. This translates into a shirt that is really perfectFruit of the Loom HD Cotton Custom T-Shirts for screen printing on. Being so tightly stitched the screen printing has a more dense canvas for the ink. More Ink will now float on the fabric and not be absorbed into it. And this is just what we want with this type of printing.You get a shirt that is less heavy, yet now just as durable as a more expensive shirt of a higher weight.  Fruit of the Loom has now made the print print area a bit larger for a better proportioned print surface. This really works out well on the Youth Shirts. Instead of having to change out a screen for a smaller print the same one can be used across the board. This is a huge money saver. One order using the same screen creates larger quantity price breaks and saves money for both the screen printer and customer alike.

Fruit of the Loom Custom Shirt Colors

Along with so many other innovations,  Fruit of the loom has really come up with extraordinary colors too. The color Pallet is Modern and very Trendy.  Heather Colors have really taken hold and Fruit of the Loom has taken notice.  Fruit of the Loom has been leading the way with these really cool colors . Heathered colors are just so much more interesting and pleasing to look at than a regular shirt color. Colors like Retro Heather Purple, Retro Heather Royal Blue, Vintage Heather Navy and others can be found in the color selection. And at the time of this writing, August 2018 these colors are very very popular. The best selling heathers that everyone really likes are the darker more traditional ones. Black Heather, Navy Heather, Athletic Heather are on the top of the Heap when it comes to Popularity. This is a long way from where fruit of the Loom was just a few years ago. This is a great Garment with tons of colors. And you just cannot beat the price point even after all decorated. Use the shirt colors as a vibrant background when designing your custom shirts. Creative designing utilizing these colors will go a long way. The Body style is classic and loose and being pre-Shrunk there should be low shrinkage of handle properly. Sizes go from Youth to Adult 5XL and can be ordered together here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing.

Gildan Heavy Cotton Customized Shirts Cheap

Gildan Heavy Cotton Custom T-ShirtsGildan has long been the choice for screen printing customized t shirts. The fabric is made of a Heavy 5.3 Oz. Pre-Shrunk Premium Jersey Material. The body style is a Classic, loose fitting one. Gildan T-Shirts always seem to have a bit more room in the way the fabricate their shirts. And the Heavy Cotton Style is no exception. All 100% Cotton T-Shirts may shrink even if they are pre-shrunk. So having this extra room is a well appreciated feature. The shirts are very durable and this is from the heavier fabric and double stitching of the Shirts. The size scale is always the largest in this class of shirt. Screen Printing Customers will find sizes ranging from Youth Small all the way upto and Including Adult XXXXXXL. Yes you see that right, 6XL. Not in every color, but the basic ones do have 6XL'S. Gildan is Synonymous with Screen Printing and rightly deserving so.

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt Colors

The Heavy Cotton Shirts have a whopping 70 colors to choose from. More than all other Styles in this Category of Cheap Custom Shirt Printing. Heahters, Neons, Safety, Pinks, their all there. The color wheel is alive and well when choosing a shirt to silk screen on. This year Gildan has added Antique Colors in Cherry Red, Jade Dome, Irish Green, Orange and Sapphire. Well worth checking out. even Military Green has been Heathered now. Along with Fruit of the Looms HD Cotton these have the very best color selection anywhere to be found.

Customize for Cheap Jerzees 50-50 Dri-Power Action Shirts

Jerzees Dri-Power Active Custom T-ShirtsThis shirt has everything going for it. A super heavy weight fabric of 5.6 Oz, Pre-Shrunk Material. Built in Advanced Moisture Management Performance. Repels light stains and does not wrinkle. A Tight Weave creates a Print Surface that allows for Soft Hand Screen Printing. Seamless Collar and Tearaway Label. Made for Groups who are in the outdoors and elements is where this cheap custom shirt really shines. Landscapers, Construction and Paving Crews, Roofers, and others who perspire at work will love the Wicking Properties that are built in. Moisture wicks off your body as well as the shirt leaving you fresh and dry even in extreme working conditions. Jerzees even Pre-Shrunk a shirt that will not shrink. The Dri-Power Active Tees even make for a nice Team Shirt. Just add Names and Numbers along with a front Print and you have the cheapest custom team shirt around. 50-50 Blended Fabrics is what Jerzees is really all about. And this is one of their best.

Jerzees Dri-Power Shirt Colors

Safety, Neon, and Other Extremely Bright Colors are not possible without Polyester. By Blending Cotton and Polyester Jerzees has a really Comfortable Shirt with Eye Popping Colors.  Safety Orange and Green are some of the Brightest Colors to be found. The Neons are super Bright also. The Jerzees Color Pallet is really Fun with colors that only Jerzees can Create. You will even find a Cyber Pink and Neon Pink. But there is more than Brightness here. Screen Printing Groups will even find Darker and Heathered Colors in the Line up. 50 Colors to choose from should satisfy even the most discrimination t shirt artist.

Hanes ComfortSoft Cheap Custom Made Shirts

If you are looking for Comfort and love Cotton this is the one. Hanes is all about their love of Cotton Fabrics and spent Millions in R&D. The shirt is Ringspun Cotton that leaves it so Hanes Cotton Custom T-Shirtssoft and cuddly you won't want to take it off. When handling Shirts all day while screen printing, we always can tell the difference when we get an order of Comfortsoft's in. They really are more soft and comfortable than any of the others. The fabric is also combed leaving the surface free from Pilling. This is so important while printing. Having no little lint balls on the surface from the cotton will make a much better screen printing canvas. Hanes has also invented a Layflat Collar and Sleeve. This keeps both of them in their perspective shapes even after washings. If its Softness you desire for your cheap custom shirt printing, please take a look at these ComfortSofts.

Hanes ComfortSoft Shirt Colors

ComfortSoft Colors are Rich and Deep. This is kind of a No Nonsense kind of Color Pallet. 22 Colors to choose from in total. All the basic colors are here but dyed Deep and really rich. The colors are very classy and conservative. The reds, greens, blues, and black are extremely deep. It just fits with this style of Cotton T-Shirt. Colors of this magnitude are usually only found in a much more expensive shirt.

Cheap Screen Printing Jerzees HiDENSI-T T-Shirt

Jerzees Heavy Cotton HD Custom T-ShirtsThis is Jerzees Value, all Cotton T-Shirt. Made from a High Density Pre-Shrunk Jersey Material. Extreme Print Clarity can be achieved using a shirt like this with such tight weaving on the surface of the shirt. This is very similar to Fruit of the Looms HD Cotton Shirt under the Jerzees Tag. Perfect for screen printing on a budget without sacrificing quality. The shirt is double stitched for added durability. 1x1 Ribbed and Seamless Collar. Double Taped from shoulder to shoulder to hide the top seams. Quarter turned rounds out this really nice, cheap custom shirt for screen printing.





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Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company it is our Goal to Offer the Very Best Prices at the very Highest Quality. When we say cheap it is only in the reflection of our prices and never in the garment, printing, or service that we offer. We offer an Online Design Tool where you, our very valued customer, can design from scratch, upload art, and completely order. For those of you who prefer the Old School way of ordering, call us at 1-413-888-2566 and we can take your order right over the phone. Remember when trying to buy cheap t shirt printing, the more you buy, the more you save. Please pay attention to the price breaks as it is well worth it. This page contains our least expensive custom shirts and we change the inventory often. As the Mills change their Brands and Styles, so do we. We try to always bring our customers the cheapest custom t shirts out their at the best quality. This is what drives our selection as well as our company. Thank You for Ordering Cheap Custom T Shirts Online here at