Designing custom tee shirts specifically for your church can be a great way to show your faith while giving back to the church at the same time. Wholesale screen printing t-shirts are extremely cheap, but they give you the ability to design your very own shirt. And at you can have hundreds of thousands of shirts made for everyone in the church.

While you can certainly sell screen printing tee shirts to your church, you can also sell tee shirts for a number of other events that go through the church. Camps for children and teenagers are great because they allow children to have a good time while learning about their faith. However, sometimes it can be expensive to set up a camp.

Through selling and deisgning inexpensive online tee shirts, the church can collect enough money to give back to the community and designate a camp. The more custom printed tee shirts that are sold, the longer the camp can go on. And having teenagers and the younger ones sell the tee shirts themselves can be an efficient way for them to collect money to go to camp.

Raising money for the church is certainly important so that the church can keep going and stay active. But spreading the word about your faith is equally important. Because of this, simply giving away wholesale screen printing apparel is recommended. This allows you to spread the word without charging people to become active.

It can get expensive if you hand out thousands of screen printing t-shirts for free. But at, the more shirts you purchase the cheaper each shirt becomes. This way you can have thousands of shirts made for a minute price. The next time you go on a mission trip or someone in your church goes on a mission trip, send them off with custom tee shirts from the church. This gives you something to promote the church with and hand out to people. The more shirts you can hand out, the more aware people will be about your faith.

These are just a couple of examples at how you can use discounted custom tee shirt printing to support and promote your church. In addition to these examples, you will also find tee shirts beneficial to promote youth groups, student ministries, and ministry organizations.

Try to come up with a theme for the style of the shirts that you create. Stick with one color that people will be able to connect with your shirt. While you can, and should, have different tee shirts with different designs, try to stay with the same color and the same logo for your church name. This will keep your shirts recognizable and much easier to connect with.

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