Apparel screen printing is a large industry because it gives people the ability to create custom tee shirts inexpensively. While there are a number of different organizations and businesses that are huge with screen printing, college stores is one of the biggest. After all, there is no better way for students to show their school spirit than by wearing school colors.

If you were to walk onto a college campus, you would see hundreds of thousands of people wearing a wide array of Custom Printed Tee Shirts with their school logo or colors. College students are proud to show off their spirit, especially when there is a winning sports team on campus. When the football or basketball team is doing well, you can expect to see a lot of wholesale apparel screen printing floating around campus.

With screen printing of tee shirts, sweatshirts, and polos and much more in high demand, it can become quite costly to provide all of the apparel. What ends up happening is the college charges a ridiculous amount expecting students to make up the difference. The problem with this is that college students already are paying a fortune to go to college. So what is the solution? provides reasonable priced wholesale screen printing that every one can afford. The more shirts or sweatshirts you purchase, the cheaper each individual item becomes. In turn, you can charge students far less for the apparel they purchase. The college store still comes out on top and students are much more inclined to purchase the apparel.

Because these are really cheap custom t-shirts printed, you can create a wide variety of sweatshirts and tee shirts for students to choose from. If the basketball team is having a good season, fill the store with basketball shirts. The more creative the shirts are the more appealing they will be to students. And because the apparel is going to college students, humor is always a safe way to go.

Lastly, make sure to create the shirts in school colors. This allows students to be a group regardless of what the shirt says. At basketball and football games, everyone could be wearing different shirts created by But if all of the shirts are yellow, the entire student body looks as if they are one.

Custom Designed Graphic Tees are a great way for students to show their school pride in college. Every college store has apparel screen printing, but allows college stores to purchase bulk items for a reasonable price opening the door for a multitude of options.

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