Screen-printing opens up a lot of different options. You can make your own designs and print them out on various types of surfaces. You can print them out on apparel, CD’s, DVD’s, ceramics, glass, wood and more. The printing presses however can be incredibly expensive, and the actual process is something that can take a long time to learn. Thankfully there is something called contract screen-printing that is helpful to people who don’t have the time and can’t afford expensive printing equipment. Most of the time, a company, and even individuals, spend most of their time and energy making logos, designs and images to be printed on different things. When it’s time to custom screen print them, people and companies often go to certain companies that focus on contract screen-printing. Contract printing is a very helpful service available. These contract screen-printing companies have all the screen-printing equipment, like screens and inks, as well as the expensive screen-printing presses. They also have professionals who focus solely on screen-printing. These companies lend their services to people who have things that want to get printed. The only think the individual or the company has to worry about is what is being printed and what it is being printed on. The contract screen-printing companies often charge in bulk so it caters to people who want to sell a lot of custom screening on t-shirts, not to people who want to print a single item. They often offer discounts the higher quantity of things being printed on. On top of that they also charge by the color. So if you have an image that contains nine colors, it will be much more expensive to print than an image with three colors. Printing on lighter and darker garments can also affect the price. Many of these companies are readily available on the Internet. The best thing one should do when looking for a contract screen-printing company is to become familiar with the screen-printing process itself. Once you know how it is done, you can become aware of which company can suit your needs best at the price that you can afford. Screen-printing on items like t-shirts or hats is a great way for a company or an individual to get their name out in the public. If you can’t afford expensive screen printing presses or if you don’t have time to learn the screen-printing process, contract screen-printing is something you should definitely consider.

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