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JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket – 436MPR

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JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt With Pocket – 436MPR

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 Custom Pocket Polo Shirts

Product Description

  • 5.4 oz., 50/50 cotton/polyester jersey knit
  • Oxford is 47/53 cotton/polyester
  • SpotShield fabric repels water and most oil-based spills
  • Welt collar resists curling
  • 1×1 ribbed cuffs
  • Two button placket with 1/2″ reinforced box
  • Pearlized buttons
  • Hemmed sleeves
  • 5-point left chest pocket
  • Tagless label

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JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket – 436MPR

JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket Polo Shirt Prices

Jerzees Spotshield with Pockets Cheap Custom Sport Shirts
Screen Printing Polo Shirts With Pockets

Screen Printing On Jerzees SpotShield Pocket Polo Shirts

The SpotShield carries so many built in features it is without doubt one of the very best, inexpensive Polo Shirts on the Market Today. And these have a built in Pocket for all the days necessities right there within easy reach. No Tradesmen or Gal should ever be out in the field without their Custom Pocket Polo Shirts.

Our Pricing is the best in the Screen Printing Industry. With no Shipping, Set-Up, Screen Or Art charge, the prices are all inclusive. We have kept the price breaks tight and as cheap as possible. This means even smaller companies who only need a batch of 12 or 25 have great pricing as well as Large ones do also. Many of our competitors are charging over $24.00 for a Pocket Polo Shirt with a On Color Print. But not here!! 24 Pocket Polo Shirts Printed with One Color are Priced at Only $12.99 for White or $14.24 for Color Polo’s. And the prices just keep going down from there.

Adding a Back Print is always a great idea. These get the most recognizance while out on a ladder, Doing Roadside Work, Or just out in the field or in the store. Potential customers always will read a Back of a Custom Polo Shirt and if done right, remember it. So for just another $1.25, this added print will pay back in dividends over and over. And it adds another dimension to your customized Polo Shirt that looks ooh soooo good too. A Great Silk Screened Polo Shirt with a Pocket is a favorite for all those men and women who are out there doing a hard days work!!


JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket


JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket Colors for Silk Screen Printing

All of the most popular colors are here and including Safety Green and Safety Orange. 12 Colors that are all Deep and Rich and have that Professional Look. Because the Polo Shirts have 50% Polyester in them, a deeper color is ascertainable more than a 100% Cotton Shirt can achieve. Polyester strands can go deeper or brighter once dyed. And along with Cotton for that added comfort, you now get a really classy looking color palette.

New to the lineup this year are the Safety Colors. More and more companies are realizing the importance of staffing with Apparel in the Brighter safety and Neon Colors. So important for crews out in the public who need to be seen in a split moment. Besides the most important aspect being Safety Oriented, they are the perfect background for advertising as they just do not go unnoticed.  Many of our customers such as Landscapers, Pavers, and other Companies with work crews take advantage of these Bright Colored Polo Shirts with Pockets. Than Management goes in for the more subdued and Professional Office Colors such as Navy Blue, Black or Oxford. It just makes sense.

Custom Made Polo Shirts with Pockets Colors

Ink Colors

JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket Sizing Specs.

Gildan - DryBlend® JerseyPolo Shirt Sizing Specs

JERZEES – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt with Pocket


 Design Pocket Polo Shirts on Jerzees SpotShield’s 

SpotShield Technology Repels Water and Many Oil Based Spills and Stains / 1×1 Ribbed Cuffs / Welted Collar Resists Curling

Jerzees is the leader and most Advanced Innovator when it comes to the manufacturing of 50-50 Cotton / Poly Fabric Blends. Everything that one could possibly want in a Business Polo Shirt is here. Crafted primarily for Business and Professional Tradesmen, the Jerzees SpotShield will keep you looking and feeling good all day long. This is the pretense behind these Pocket Polo Shirts. Made to stay looking Fresh so the wearer too can look as presentable and clean as when the day began. 

SpotShield technology is the driving force behind these custom imprinted Polo Shirts with a Pocket. Its fabric keeps stains and moisture atop the fabric so as to not allow for seeping in. This allows for easy wipe away of any accidents or spills during the day. No more worrying about that morning coffee in the care. Little spill, just wipe away…Good to Go. And when it comes to washing any work grime or heavy soiling will easily wash away leaving for a new and fresh look. This is the magic of SpotShield.

Along with Spot Protection is also Moisture Management. This is Jerzees Forte. Moisture and perspiration wicks away form the skin through the shirt itself. Than the fabric quickly evaporates it leaving the shirt and wearer dry and cool. Caught in the rain without protection. This shirt will wick away quickly and not soak in like an all Cotton Fabric will do.

Custom Screen Printing Polo Shirts with a Pocket

The size scale is carried all the way from Small up to and including XXXXXL. Yes that is 5xl.. So when it comes time for you to print your batch of Custom Pocket Polo Shirts everyone will be included with this brand. Nothing more moral deflating than leaving the larger person out because a brand just does not have a Large Size scale. And Jerzees  knows just how important it is to get the entire staff fitted in a custom shirt. No more having to go out to a box store and buy an un printed 5XL so that big guy can kind of look included. When in actuality everyone notices it. All the colors come in 5XL and that alone is super impressive. New this year are the safety colors. safety Orange and Safety Green are available for imprinting. 

Pocket Polo Shirts can be imprinted on or above the pockets. Our cutting edge and easy to use Design Studio is available to design from scratch or upload pre made artwork. Printing on pockets is the most popular. Pockets have a design area that can be printed of 3.25 x 3.25 inches. This leaves a nice border around the Pocket itself. Printed above the Pocket has an area of 2.25 Inches High by 4.25 Inches wide. Customers can try out their logos on each location to see which one fits the artwork best. there are times with so many different size logos that the logo size itself will determine the print area. Both locations look great and it really comes down to a size thing along with personal preference.

Safety Color Pocket Polo Shirts

This year Jerzees has finally started dying the SpotShields with a Pocket into Safety Colors. There just cannot be enough said about on Job safety. And we like to say it all begins with the shirt. Instant visibility is realized in a split second with such bright shirts. And this can mean the difference between an accident and no accident.  And they just darn look good to. A dark color Logo on safety colors get more attention out in public than any other color available. Peoples eyes automatically go to safety colors. And when printed, especially on the backs, your message and logo is going to be seen. The brightest safety colors need to have strands of Polyester to make the colors. And Jerzees specializes in dyeing 50/50 Blends. So you can be assured you are getting some of the brightest Safety Colors made today.

Spot Shield Pocket Polo Shirt Details

Moisture Management: So important to get through the day staying and looking fresh. Nothing worst than wearing a sweat soaked shirt all day long. Especially when coming in from the outside into an air conditioned climate. Jerzees SpotShield will keep the moisture and perspiration off the body and evaporated up and into the atmosphere. The magic of Moisture wicking technologies.  The fabric is fast drying and once the moisture is pulled up from the body and onto the shirts surface, it just wicks away though fast drying fabric.

Welt Collars: The collars are made sewn using what is called Welt Sewing Procedures. This is a finishing process that sews a heavy thread border around the collar. Jerzees does this in a way that keeps the Collar laying flat and resisting curling up while wearing. This goes along with all the other features to keep this SpotShield Custom Polo Shirt with Pockets looking great all day. No tips will be curling up on this bad boy of a Pocket Polo Shirt.

1×1 Ribbed Cuffs:Made by sewing vertical ribs in-between at even intervals on the end of the sleeves. This gives a beautiful finished look as well makes the sleeves retain their elasticity. This is how the sleeves stay nicely fitted around the arms looking finished and well dressed.

Two button placket with 1/2″ reinforced box: A nicely double stitched,  heavy placket keeps the polo shirt looking good.  With the box style and heavy Placket Fabric your Polo Shirt stays laying flat and looking good as long as possible. The Placket is what makes all the difference in a good Polo Shirt.  Jerzees makes a beefy half inch box placket that adds looks and function above all else.

Pearlized buttons: An Antiqued and Pearlized Finish adds that extra touch of class to the outstanding custom imprinted Pocket Polo Shirts. Double stitched on buttons should last through many years of washings and buttoning’s.

5-point left chest pocket: Here is our main focal point. A large Pocket that is sewn into 5 points. This Pocket feature is so important for all working men and gals out there. The ability to keep tall the days necessities such as Eye Glasses, Small Pad, Pens , Pencils, or what have ya right there within easy reach. No fumbling around or loosing valuable items that you need to get ya through the day. Printing a logo looks so good too and is attractive when printed on or above the pocket. A 3.25 x 3.25 Inch print area is available on the pocket. Above the Pocket is an area of 2.25 Inches high by 4.25 inches wide. These print area sizes can be a determining factor of where the logo gets printed. Depending on your logo proportions you can judge where best to print.

Tagless Label: Finishing off our SpotShield Custom Screen Printed Polo Shirts is a soft stamped label inside means no itching from that pesky label we all hate. And no need to worry about cutting out leaving a frayed piece behind. there is no label to worry about.

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