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Custom Printing Pocket T-Shirts

Custom pocket t shirts are endeared by many of tradesmen who go out each day on the job and work with their skills. Branding their company as well as adding that extra pocket to keep their much needed tools in, the custom pocket tees are here to stay. Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, and others who just cannot have enough hands on the job know how valuable that cheap custom pocket t shirts can be. Our focus here is on the Jerzees 50-50 Dri Power Active custom pocket shirts. These bad boys are loaded with features that until brought to your attention probably will go un noticed. So with out further ado lets get into all the features that Jerzees has packed into this awesome yet very affordable pocket tees custom made.

Dri-Power Active Material

The custom t shirt with pocket are made from a blended cotton and polyester. Known best for not shrinking is the blended materials that alot of custom pocket tee shirts are made out of. But hear Jerzees has added much more into the manufacturing of the Dri Power Material. Properties that have gone into the material create Moisture Wicking or Moisture Management Assets. As we perspire on the job it is up to the custom t shirts with front pocket to keep us dry and cool. And that is the focus behind these custom printed pocket t shirts. The Polyester threads are treated with components that allow wetness to simply slide off of and not into the material. Much different than a Cotton custom shirts with pockets which absorbs moisture like a sponge. Besides not being weighed down with perspiration on those hot climate days, those not so nice looking sweat rings around the neck and underarms no longer appear with the Dri-Power Pocket Tees. The moisture never has the chance to create sweat banding as it is wicked away from the body as well as the fabric itself. Basically out the door it goes.

Dri Power Custom Pocket Tees Odor Control

Along with the Moisture Management is the Odor Control that is delivered from the Anti-Microbial Properties that fight against unpleasant odors. So important when dealing up close and personal not only with workmates by customers alike. Jerzees has created a fabric that will help keep unpleasant odors to a minimum as you are working hard all day long.

Dri-Power Active Pocket Tees Made From 5.6 oz. Fabric

Right there at the top of the weight scale for really affordable tees is the Jerzees Pocket Tees. It is made from a fantastic 5.6 Oz fabric which is light enough so that you stay cool. Yet the fabric is heavy enough so that it outperforms all others in this class for durability and proper form fittings. Not only is the fabric made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester which really will not shrink, it is also pre-shrunk too. So you are double downed on the non shrinking factors when you invest in this custom pocket tee. And we all know that the only way to get a work shirt cleaned is in hot or warm water. So getting out the stains we not mean shrinking your beloved custom, made pocket tee up around your neck every time you wash it.

Spot and Stain Resistance from Dri-Power Active Custom Pocket Tees

Another key benefit from blended custom made pocket t-shirts is that the material is naturally easier to clean up small spills and stains on them. The material being moisture wicking means that spills from coffee down the front of your shirt first thing easily just wipes away leaving you looking fresh, not stained. This also holds true in the washing process as the grime and dirt from the job are more easily cleaned away as the do not penetrate the garment.

Screen Printing on the 5 Point Pocket

Purchasers of custom made pocket tees have got to decide on just where they want their logo printed. On or above the pocket is the question. Or maybe no printing on the front at all. Although to me that seems like a waste of perfectly good real estate. This is a very old debate and one that really does not need too much pondering. Whether you decide to print on or above the pocket is really just a personal preference and one is not any better than the other. When you custom design t shirts with pocket paying close attention to the logo dimensions should help decide where the printing should go.  But for the sake of a good argument let me throw so pros and cons out there…

Printing on the Pocket-  The pocket allows for approx. 3.65 inches across and and the same down for the total printing area. There is less room horizontal when printing on the pocket but more vertical. On the pocket has no sight interference from items sticking out of pocket. Logo looks framed and very clean when printing on as opposed to above. 
Printing on the Pocket Jerzees Custom Pocket TeesPrinting above the Pocket Jerzees custom pocket tees





Printing above the Pocket-  Printing above the pocket allows for more space horizontally with upto 5 inches across. However vertically there is not alot of room. You can go about 2-2.5 inches high before the logo is going up towards the shoulder area too much. If printing only text logo with one tag line above the pocket is the prefered choice. But pens, eyeglass cases and other items protruding out of the pocket can sometimes obstruct the logo itself. A pocket t shirt custom made is as much about function as it is form. So as they say the proof is in the pudding.

Back Prints on Custom Pocket Tees- This is where the best real estate for advertising is and one that should not be overlooked. Working on ladders, standing in the hardware line, or just on the job a good back print gets all the attention. A large amount of your advertising dollars can be gained with a back print on your custom pocket t. Your logo from the front, tag lines, tele #, website url, locations, et etc all can be put n the back and in good taste. But with all good printing techniques less is best is usually true. No one can remember a telephone # or takes the time to write it down. What people will remember is a good logo and the name of the business. Exact address will not be remembered but the town will. So with this little bit if information one can get a good handle on just how to print custom pocket tees.

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