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Custom T Shirt Printing Starts Here.!! Select your shirt color and explore all the different Brands and Styles that are available in that color.

Screen Printing Custom T Shirts Online

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Ordering custom t shirts as never been as easy and cost effective as it is today here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company. Our order Custom T Shirts by Color page will allow customers to view all brands and styles in a particular color that they are looking to screen print on. Comparing the different brands and styles from one page will help make the decision so much easier. Each style and brand has been selected for our website for their uniqueness and pricing attributes. Each style has a different fabric make up or weight.  The shades of color can also vary slightly. Please check out each style we have here on our Custom T Shirt by Colors Page.

Custom T Shirt Pricing:  Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company we try to keep our pricing as easy to follow as possible. And with that we have some of the very cheapest custom t shirt prices in the industry today. Our pricing is all inclusive with no additional charges. We offer free screens, set-ups, artwork, and shipping. So the price you see is the price you will receive. No extras ever. 

 Pricing is based on volume along with sizes, t shirt colors, and print locations and # of colors in the design. Each page has a quoting tool to give you and exact price based on all the criteria that go into a custom t shirt printing job. White tee shirts are always the cheapest over color tees. That is a good starting point. 

 Adult Sizes along with Youth sizes can be ordered together in one order. This is something that almost no other screen printing company offers. This will allow our customers to get the very highest price breaks by including the differant sizes together. Our equipment has been manufactured exclusively for us to allow this process to work with Youth and Adult shirts printing together on one screen printing press and platen.

Designing Custom T Shirts: After selecting your custom t shirt color you will head over to the design studio to either start designing on your chosen shirt color or upload your pre made artwork. We have thousands of clip art pieces along with Design Templates to get you up and designing. It is so easy that there is no need to ever hire a graphic designer. If you h ave already made artwork and logs just upload and preview on your shirt color for submission. All orders will receive a digital proof before printing. All changes are always free of charge. it is our goal to get our customers the exact look they want on their customized t shirts.

Custom T Shirt Checklist:

  • T Shirt Colors
  • T Shirt Brand
  • Total # of T Shirts
  • T Shirt Sizes
  • Artwork or Designing
  • Print locations
  • Ink Colors
  • Date Needed
  • Shipping Address

Selecting Custom T Shirt Colors:  As on our Hompage here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing we have categorized our t shirt colors to help make the selection as informed as possible. With so many options comparing all styles and brands together on one page should make this process as easy as possible. Here are the categories and their descriptions.


Cheapest Tees:

These are our least expensive t shirts yet they are all world class styles and brands. What puts these styles into the cheapest categories is from the fabric weight and styling used to manufacturer these brands.  You will find a fabric weight from 5.0 OZ. to 5.6 Oz..  The 5.0 Oz styles are the HD Style meaning High Density Stitching. More stitches per square inch using a finer, sturdier yarn. This gets you into a slightly fitted and light weight t shirt. But the feel and printing surface is second to none. The other styles go up to 5.6 oZ. Fabric. Here you are getting a classic t shirt made with all th old school goodness. look carefully as there are blended as well as 100% Cotton t shirts here.

Premium Tees:

Our Premium T Shirts are the baddest and best in the land. With names like Hammer, Beefy T, and Tagless, it sounds more like a t shirt gun fight. The fabrics are all at least 6.0 Oz Fabric or more. Sturdy and built to last these are for those who want a custom t shirt to last and be around for some years. The t shirts are generally more roomy inside also. For around a buck or two more you can go into this class of custom t shirt. Here are also the really soft styles of Heavy Fabrics from ring spinning. the Beefy T, Hammer, and Tagless are all thick, soft and Ring Spun.


Women Tees:

Made for the ladies these are all cut to enhance a womens shapely figure. We have chosen only slightly fitted womens shirts here so the Young and Mature alike will be more than comfortable wearing one of our womens custom t shirts. There is a mix hear from lighter weight to a premium 6.0 Oz weight. These women t shirts all are cut to enhance a ladies figure. Also capped sleeves along with low profile collars and swooping crew necks accentuate a womens look. The colors are also different with a wider choice of softer and Pastel like choices. Add them into your order of regular t shirts and still get a quantity discount.


Soft Style Tees: 

These are the new kids on the block. And they are here to stay. Extremely soft and a more modern youthful look is what these styles are.

Ring Spinning: The yarn that is developed for ringspun cotton is spun in a way that generates stronger, longer strands that are soft, exceptionally resilient and free from the crude texture of standard raw cotton. The process of continuously spinning, rotating, and thinning the cotton strands is what yields long, soft strands.

This is than woven into t shirts that are so very very soft that you would swear that they were pre washed. And yet the printing surface is still very very smooth making for a very fine screen print. So if you like your custom t shirt super soft this is a category you should give a serious look to.

Ordering Custom T Shirts:

Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing it is our mission to offer the best t shirts and printing services at the cheapest prices. Our custom t shirt colors page will lead you in the right direction to make that all important informed decision. Best advice is to choose your color of t shirts that best work together. Sometimes less is best and one and two color screen printing jobs can be the very best. Ink colors should pop off your shirts to be easily read. Keep at least your text at opposite ends of the color wheel. Your colors are the most important part of the whole process. Choose them wisely. You and only you can do this. Happy Designing Custom T Shirts Online!!