Design your own tee shirts cheapDesign your own t shirt cheap


Design your own t shirt cheap at With the variety of shirts that we have to offer, and the easy to use online design tool that we provide for free to our customers, you will be completely satisfied with the end result. Whether you have some ideas in mind already or if you need some time to play around with the design options we have, let print your cheap t shirt design.

Design Ideas

If you want to design your own t shirt cheap, you may or may not already have some ideas. Either way, the following are some design ideas to get you started.

Have a contest at a school to draw the best logo or cartoon character that represents the motto of the school. The winner’s drawing will then be put on the shirt using our design tool, along with the name of the school, the year, the artist’s signature, and perhaps even a list of the entire graduating class on the back of the shirt.

Think of a family theme for a reunion or family picture. Have the theme printed on the shirt, along with some type of picture or pictures that represent what the family believes in. You can have it printed on our infant creeper, toddler tees, youth shirts, and adult shirts.

If you are designing and printing tee shirts for cheap because you are using them as a fundraiser, you can design something that relates to the cause. For example, if you are raising awareness for breast cancer, you can make a design or come up with a saying that would look good on the awareness ribbon t-shirt at

Get Started Today

To design your own t shirt cheap, get started with the online design tool at Whether you are using the t shirts to resell, or if you want everyone to match at a reunion, the most cost effective way is to design your own tees for cheap.





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