Designing T-ShirtsDesigning T-Shirts

Designing t-shirts is a great way to express your creativity and get the word out about events, causes, businesses, and promotions. When you have a great idea for a t-shirt design, you need to tools and resources to help you make it into a reality, without a high price tag. At, we have thousands of t-shirt styles, fits, and colors available to help you get the design you made onto a shirt quickly at a great price that you can afford.

Plan Out Your Design

With the simple tools available at, you can take time to plan your design and get it just right before you begin printing. Translating artwork and ideas from paper to t-shirts takes time to ensure you get exactly the right colors, ink, graphic placement, shirt style, and more. Upload your graphic into the system, and continue working with it and tweaking it with our planning tools until it is just right.

Go Detailed or Simple

When designing t-shirts, keep in mind that while detail can be great, simplicity can work well too. Intricate graphics can make stunning visuals, but simple words, phrases, logos, or sayings can also stand out on the blank canvas of the shirt for maximum impact.

Use Contrast

Test out your design to ensure it has the proper contrast ratio between the design and the background of the shirt. Graphics that are similar in color to the shirt can be difficult to see, and while you may intentionally have some graphics that blend with the shirt, most of the time you want your design to stand out. You may also want to consider textured ink, or other contrast in your design.

Make a Statement

Your t-shirt design is unique, and you want to use it to make a statement about you, your company, your team, or your cause. Use the t-shirt canvas as a way to create buzz about your product or event, and get people to notice with an eye-catching design. If you have the vision in your mind, start designing now! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll have the perfect custom designed tshirt.


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