Jerzees SpotShield Custom Polo Shirts Cheap

Jerzees – SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt – 437MSR

Customizing Polo Shirts using Jerzees SpotShield Sport Shirts

Jerzees has made a Sport or Polo Shirt, that is perfect for those on the run and need to keep and look good as the day is long. It has a fabric that will not only repel regular stains, but also oil based stains now. We all know how awful it is when that first cup of coffee in the mornings go south right onto your fresh shirt. Now you can just wipe away the stain and be dried up in know time. Besides this the SpotShield is also Moisture Wicking. Perspiration on the inside, rain on the outside, just wicks off the Polo shirt leaving you fresh and dry.

Custom Polo Shirt Colors

There are also many brilliant colors here for those groups who need to be seen. Safety Orange and Green along with Scuba Blue, Cyber Pink, and Kiwi. Perfect for event planning when your Staff, Security, or Emplyees need to be spotted in a crowd. Besides these really bright colors there is a selection of Deep classy colors that are perfect for branding. The color Palette is what Jerzees has really focused on in this style.

Size Scale For Printing Custom Polo Shirts

The SpotShields come in a full array of sizes from adult Small all the way upto and Including Adult XXXXXL. Yes that is right! Count em..Five Extra Large on most colors. With a size scale so large there will be no one left out when ordering this brand and style. Jerzees knows their customers, or ours I should say. And many a big guy out there working is in need of the larger sizes. This has always seemed to be an issue in the past on Custom Sport Shirts. Well no more we have got everyone covered this time, Literally!!

Pricing on SpotShield Sport Shirts

Even with all these features and special fabric Jerzees has been able to keep the pricing down. And I mean down. These are some of the cheapest custom polo shirts pricing any where. And they are only cheap in name and not in quality of garment or printing. There is so much value here in the construction and durability that there really is not a pricing issue here at all.


About cheaptees

Allen and Lois Warren are the owners and working proprietors of Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company . We are an online screen printing company specializing in printing t shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and other customized apparels. Our website offers the capabilities for our customers to design the apparel of their choice in our modern design studio. The focus of Cheap Tees is to supply cheap custom made apparel to customers who value price, quality, and service. Our prices are scaled very close to wholesale to the public so that organizations, companies, and individuals can all obtain a quality product at extremely competitive pricing. We are a no nonsense company who offers all inclusive pricing. Free shipping, set-ups, screens, and custom artwork are only a few complimentary services we offer. By keeping our pricing simple and always updating our website we offer our customers a very pleasurable and unique shopping experience.

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