Jerzees SpotShield Polo Shirts

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Custom Polo Shirts

Jerzees SpotShield Custom Imprinted Polo Shirts


 Custom Printing Polo Shirts have a way of making everyone look professional yet feel casual and comfortable. Basically a Polo Shirt is a T-Shirt style fabric with a Placket, couple of buttons, and very nice capped sleeves. With a custom Logo printed on the left chest, customers will always look Professional when meeting new clients or just out on the job. Priced so everyone can afford them, these are the perfect addition to a batch of tees.

Jerzees Custom SpotShield Polo Shirts

 Jerzees has perfected moisture management in their fabrics and this is the Brands Specialty. Everyone knows that they are at risk from the moment they start their day with a cup of coffee or beverage in the car to work. How many times have we all spilled some and said OH KNOW what am I going to do with this stain down my shirt. Well no fear when wearing one of Jerzees SpotShield Polo Shirts. Just wipe away and no worries about staining. They treat all their fabrics with a SpotShield which will not allow water, moisture, or other wetness to penetrate into and stain the fabric. This will keep you looking good and fresh all day.

  Spotshield Perspiration Management

Just as the Jerzees SpotShield Fabric protects you on the outside, it does the same from the inside. It will not allow perspiration to penetrate through the fabric revealing to everyone that your body temperature is up. The fabric will repel the perspiration and wick it away. This will also keep you cool and feeling dry which is so important on hot days or hot meetings. Custom Printing Jerzees SpotShield Polo’s is an investment that no one who cares about their dress and professionalism should over look.

Jerzees – SpotShield Jersey Sport Shirt – 437MSR



Jerzees polo-shirt-pricing

  • 5.6 oz., pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/polyester jersey 
  • SpotShield fabric repels water and most oil-based spills
  • Welt collar resists curling
  • 1×1 rib cuffs
  • Two pearlized buttons on a reinforced placket
  • Tagless label









Detailed  Description

SpotShield Jersey Fabric: Made from 5.6 Oz 50-50 Blended Material, this fine sportshirt is made using Jerzees Spotshield Fabric. Stain and Moisture Resistant material keeps you looking as fresh as when you started off your day.

Huge Size Scale!  This Style comes in all Adult Sizes from Small all the way up to and Including 5XL. With such a large sizescale everyone big and small can be included in this fine uniform or Group Customized Sport Shirt.

Loads of Colors: Every Color from White to Black is covered here including a safety green and orange for those important people who need to be seen. Contrasted with our large selection of Ink Colors your brand should have no issues with the color pallet from this Brand of Sport Shirts.

Tear away Labels: No more annoying itching or sticking out tags in the back as these labels remove easily with an effortless pull.

Reinforced Placket: With the Placket being the focal point of every sportshirt, this one is dual sewn and double thick to create a beautiful and lasting placket.

Two pearlized buttons: Accenting the placket is two classy pearl colored buttons. This is the perfect accent to finish off all the different colors of the Jerzees Polo Shirts.

Stay Flat Collar: A Welt sewn collar means that no more curling after washing and no more annoying tips of the collar sticking up in the air. Specifically made for sport-shirts our customers all love this style of collar. 

JERZEES - SpotShield™ 50/50 Sport Shirt - 437MSR

Polo Shirts that look and feel great all day long. Perfect choice for any Occasion!!

   Jerzees brand Polo Shirts look great all day long due to their fabric being wrinkle and stain free. The spot shield allows you to look professional as the day gos long so those embarrassing stains just wipe away. Jerzeses Polo Shirts also offer the largest collection of fantastic colors to compliment company logos or any other type of branding. Feel like you are dressing down but look like you are wearing your best make this the perfect choice for those on the go!!

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