Whether you have a new restaurant or one that has been around for some time, you can never have too much marketing. One method that few restaurants seem to consider is custom tee shirts. Through custom printed apparel, you can increase the amount of people you have coming to your restaurant while giving away stylish apparel.

The key to making tee shirts effective marketing is to be creative and generate shirts that people will wear. If you design a shirt with no style whatsoever, nobody will wear the shirt. Instead of you reeling in more customers because of tee shirt marketing, you will just waste money on a bunch of shirts that will sit in people’s closets.

Screen printing gives you the opportunity to design your own apparel just the way you want it to be. Whatever graphics, words, or phrases you want to be on the shirt can be put onto the shirt. So it is up to you to make cheap tee shirt screen printing an effective marketing technique.

So how can you make it work you may wonder? First off, you have to remember that whatever shirts you create will be made for everyone. Therefore, you want your shirt to appeal to all ages. Nothing dirty or crude should be included in the tee shirt unless your restaurant is for a mature group.

Next, try to make the shirt as flashy as possible. This does not mean that you have to include tons of graphics and phrases. In fact, this may make the shirt look cluttered and hard to read. But you do want to have one or two graphics that stand out and make the shirt appealing.

Humor is always a safe bet because it shows creativity and catches peoples attention. Whenever you can get someone to stop and read your shirt, you have done a good job catching their attention. Whether you have humorous lines or a funny graphic on the shirt, try to keep the shirt upbeat. This helps people relate to your shirt with a happy thought.

Lastly, do not be afraid to come up with a few different styles of shirts. You do not have to have just one design to promote your restaurant. In fact, you want there to be several different styles for people to choose from. As long as you can make each shirt appealing and creative, go ahead and have some fun with custom screen printing.

Custom printed apparel can be a great way to market your restaurant and grab peoples attention. If you are creative enough, you can catch the eye of others on the street through your tee shirt. In doing so, your marketing efforts will be recognized and people will be flowing through your restaurant doors.

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