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Bright Shield Safety Work Apparel

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Bright Shield Safety Green Shirts Cheap Screen Printed

The Bright Shield Line Up!!

Innovation Through Technology that Delivers Cutting Edge Performance, Style and Comfort

Bright Shield Safety Green Shirts Cheap Screen Printed
Safety Green

ANSI Approved For High Visibility Standards

Antimicrobial Protection

Maximum protection from harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors


Bright Shield Performance T Shirt

Superior Wicking

Built In Moisture Management System

Cooling System

Engineered to be Breathable, Keeping you Cool and Dry All Day

Custom Silk Screened Safety Green Bright Shield T Shirts and Hoodies. Bright Shield will keep you in the Spot Light, Day or Night, Rain or Shine. Largest Selection of Custom Printed Safety Green Bright Apparel on the Internet Today!!. We carry only the very best brands at the cheapest custom shirt prices. With our super low minimum of only 12 shirts to be custom printed, small as well as large Groups can all benefit from our Collection of Safety Work Shirts. Design your Custom Safety Work Shirts right in our very own Design Studio. We offer Free Shipping, Set Ups, Screens, and Artwork on all Orders. 

“"Absolutely wonderful Product! If you want real marketing that works while implememting Employee Safety Standards, - Bright Shield Safety T Shirts's got you covered. I will recommend you to my colleagues.

- Willard X.

Benefits of Custom Imprinted Safety Work Shirts

More and more companies are taking advantage of using Safety Green Apparel for their employees. With emphasis these days on Safety Standards, and rightfully so, this is a must have product. Bright Shield Apparel is some of the very brightest garments that are made specifically for the screen printing and safety industries. With many of the styles ANSI Certified, you know you are well protected. Even the styles that have yet to be certified are just as bright and just as effective.

From a marketing standpoint this is the very best and most ideal color. With the object of the game to be seen, what better background can there be than a super bright Safety Green Shirt. With employees out in the field applying their trades everyday, your advertising on these shirts become walking billboards. Safety Shirts will get more attention than any other color of shirt you can buy. They are bright and made to attract attention. Your custom artwork and message will be seen and read with every passing by prospective customer.

  Printing Safety Green Shirts

We tell all our customers when designing Safety Garments that less is best. You generally have only a fleeting moment to get your message read. So keep things readable and memorable too. Ink colors should be contrasting which on Safety Green, Black is best. No need for many colors to stand out either. Some of the very best safety shirts we have printed are Black Writing, big and bold on the back. And with a small, left chest logo on the fronts. We want your prospective customers to only have to read, who you are, what you do, and where to find you. The who you are part is usually taken care of by the employees and what they are doing when the shirts are read. Take roofers for instance. Someone looking at them hauling shingles up at ladder know that they work for a roofing company. So there is not much need for elaborate details about roofing, what kind of roofs, and so on on the backs. Too much writing means smaller writing means less be read.

The Company Name needs to stand out the most. And that is something that an interested candidate will remember and or write down. The other important part is where. What town or city can they find you company in? And that is generally enough to get your new customer to contact you via your Custom Safety Shirts. You can put a Tag line underneath if you like, or even a telephone number. But the Tele Number will probably not be read or remembered. The fronts of the shirts should have a very professional logo on the left chest. This is for all the different people who come in contact with your employees. It represents your Company and tells everyone who you are having a close encounter with that you are professional. It is also states that your employees are on the job and suppose to be where they are. This is very important for Landscapers and others who are in yards and neighborhoods and need to be recognized.

Ordering Safety Green Shirts

All of our shirts can have your own logo on them or you can design from scratch. We make ordering fast, simple and fun. This all takes place in our design studio. There you can see your actual shirt and ink colors together before purchasing. You can even upload a partial print and add to it if need be. Anything and everything is just about possible in our easy use, yet advance design tool. We have thousands of images that are professionally drawn just for the Trades Industries. Plumbers, construction, electricians, trucks, and many many more can be found in the studio.

All orders will still receive a digital proof after the order is placed. This is just to be sure that everything transmitted perfectly. And if there is ever a change or two needed, we are here to do it for you, free of charge. Our prices are some of the very cheapest in the industry. Yet we have the highest quality that you can get when it comes to our Shirts, Printing, and Service that we offer. Prices are all inclusive including free shipping , set-ups, screens, and artwork if needed. We take our Safety serious and that is why as a company we focus more than anyone else does on Safety Shirts.

Safety Shirts are a Working Tool

Order your Custom Imprinted Safety Green Bright Shield Shirts Today!! You may save a life Tomorrow!!