When performing in a sport as a team, it is a ritual to dress alike. This is a way to show your unity and decipher one team from another. While all sports have teams with matching uniforms, many have matching outfits to wear coming into the arena or field. The same can be said about swim teams with custom printed tee shirts.

If your swim team does not have custom t-shirts, they are missing out. It is a way to show the other team you are one. You want to show them that even though each individual performs different events, it is the team as a whole that is going to win. Having custom shirts made can be a great way to show this mutual relationship between each other.

Many times teams will have individuals numbers on the shirts as well as their names. But typically last names go on the back and numbers do as well. Sometimes you will find numbers on the upper corner of the front shirt. But regardless, the team logo is big on the front of the shirt. This shows that it is the team as a whole that wins and loses. You are fighting for your team, which can be worn proudly on the front of a tee-shirt.

The benefit of purchasing tee shirts for a swim team is you can purchase bulk screen printing. Purchasing a bunch of t-shirts all at once allows you to get a discount. It is much cheaper to purchase several t-shirts than it is to purchase just one as far as price per t-shirt goes.

When ordering custom shirts, you have the ability to put whatever it is you want on the shirt. It allows you to separate yourself from the competition. You can go anywhere and buy a bunch of shirts that every sports store has. But a custom shirt allows you to stand out in the crowd. You can put whatever design you want on it, make it any color you wish to make it, and have any team sayings you want on it.

There is no doubt that sports are about the team. Even in a sport like swimming where individuals perform in different events, it is the combination of each individual’s points that give the team a win or loss. Because of this, it is imperative that you come in together and leave together wearing a team shirt proudly. Regardless of what the shirt says on the back, it is the team logo and name on the front that each individual is fighting for.

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