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Tee shirt printing never goes out of demand, because tees have been popular for generations. They’re comfortable and versatile, and most people like to wear them throughout the year. Cheaptees.org specializes in the cheapest prices for the most comfortable, durable custom printed tee shirts you can find on the internet. Our name brand manufacturers are known for their quality and great prices. And after over 9 years in business, we’re known for excellent customer service, cheap prices, no hidden costs, and free shipping.

Our custom tee shirts are the backbone of our business. Because of this, we offer a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes, as well as a large inventory of custom clipart that you can use for your tee shirt printing. In addition, our online design tool makes it possible for anyone to become a silk screen shirt printer, with the ability to upload and add your own designs for a truly unique look.

Plain vs. Printed Tees

You see tee shirts on almost everyone as you leave the house each day. How many of them are wearing plain shirts, and how many have something printed on them? Sure, lots of people wear plain shirts, but we think that’s no fun. The shirts that catch attention are the ones with bright colors and something printed on them. Sometimes it’s a cool design, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s a product or a bit of pop culture. Whatever the reason, printed tee shirts have been popular for many years for a reason: They’re fun and exciting!

Types of Tees We Offer

We have a variety of tee shirts in just about every style and color you can think of. Our lightweight short-sleeve tee shirts are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months. We also have stylish long-sleeved tees that aren’t too hot for milder fall days, but are still warm enough to layer in winter.

What are you waiting for? Start Designing Now! Custom designed tee shirts are a great way to show your style or promote your business. Give us a call and we’ll help you design the perfect tee shirt.


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